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FAQ's and Troubleshooting
FAQ's and Troubleshooting
A curated list of the most commonly asked questions from Elegant Themes customers.
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How To Fix Cloudflare's Rocket Loader Conflict With jQuery
Cumulative Layout Shift - CLS
Make Divi Accordions Closed by Default
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Move Your WordPress Website To A New Host With No Downtime
Infinite Scroll for Divi Shop module
Customizing Divi Blog module to add Custom Fields
Customizing Divi Blog module to change the order in Alphabetical order
Moving Blog module in Child theme
What is Divi Hosting?
How to use WPML to translate the Theme Builder Layout
How to Make Your Divi Navigation Start at the Bottom, Then Stay Fixed at Top When Scrolling - using a Theme Builder Global Header Layout
How To Add Mailchimp Groups To The Divi Optin Module
Add Privacy Checkbox To Contact Form & Email Optin
How do I get Divi 4.0?
Blog Module equal height grid "boxes" with JavaScript
How To Show / Hide Menu Items On Desktop Or Mobile Devices
Changing The Order Of The Divi Portfolio Items
Change The Video Module Overlay Play Icon With Image
How to enable Products and other post types in Divi's Search Module
How To Open The Social Links In A New Tab/Window
How To Enabled The Fixed Navigation Bar On Mobile Screens
Why Background Image Size Changes And Gets Cropped
How To Replace The Pipe " | " In The Blog Meta Tag - Divi
How To Make The Mega-Menu titles clickable in Extra
How to get masonry layout for archive / category pages
Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet
Customizing The Subject Of The Contact Form Module
How to customize the WooCommerce product images
How to use the Contact Form "Message Pattern"
I Lost All My Divi Theme Options & Customizer Settings
How To Disable AJAX In The Blog Module
Wrong active menu items color on a one-page website
I can't upload WOFF / EOT / SVG font files in Divi
Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.
Moving Contact Form Module To Child Theme
Applying CSS changes For A Specific Screen Resolution
How to take a backup of your website
How To Delete All Accounts From Bloom Or Divi Email Module
Adding Divi Icons Anywhere You Want
How to use the Divi Dot Navigation
My slider module isn't responsive
Where do I find what Divi version I have?
Email isn't included in the Contact form message
Recreating Elegant Themes "Hover" example
How to create a one page website with Divi
How To Fix Slow Loading Websites
Google Maps JavaScript API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError
Integration Tab in Theme Options
How To Reduce Spacing In Divi
Opening Divi Modules In A Lightbox
Google Map Won't Load
How to adjust padding across all modules
How to Add Font-Awesome Social Icons to Divi’s Primary Menu
How to Scroll to and Open a Toggle with Anchors Link located on the same page in Divi
How to create a staging site
How to create and use the "Ken Burns Effect" in Divi
Correct Translation Errors
The Custom CSS Option
How to fix the "Your Elegant Themes subscription has expired" error
How to change a global section / row / module to non-global
How To Add Zoom-In Hover Effect To The Images In Divi Modules
How to change your website language for RTL support
How to Vertically Align Content in Divi
How to Build Extra Theme Homepage
Third Party Plugin Conflict Troubleshooting
My text is wrapping / not looking good on Mobile
This file should not be imported in this context
How do I use the Divi Backend Builder?
My Divi Builder has disappeared?
I cannot see the Divi Builder?
Gutenberg and the New Divi Builder Experience
WordPress 5.0 and using the Divi Backend Builder
Error When Updating, Can't Update
Premade Layout Packs Won't Load
Visual Builder Doesn't Load
Website Looks Different in Builder
How to translate the Divi Theme
Gallery Images Are Being Cropped
How to add CTA button to the header
Custom Fonts Aren't Working
How to change your logo when you scroll
Can't save Divi Builder content with WordFence plugin enabled.
Divi Header Jumping / Moving On Page Load
My Page Content Got Deleted By Mistake
Can I use the same API key for more than one website?
Setting up your Primary Menu
Custom Header And Footer
Video Background is not working
What's the difference between Divi and the Divi Builder?
How can I see which version I'm using?
I can't download a zip file
Google Crawl error "et_core_page_resource="
MailChimp Troubleshooting
I don't get update notifications
Change Blog Module Columns number
Troubleshooting Plugin Conflicts
Equalize Pricing Tables Height
Text Formatting Changes When I Save
How to Move Your WordPress Website to a New Host With No Downtime
How To Add Additional CSS Classes To Divi Modules
Optimizing The Divi Layouts For Certain Mobile Devices
Pclzip_err_bad_format Error When Uploading Theme
Website Looks Different After Updating Divi
How To Add A Dropdown Menu
How to Display a Different Logo on Mobile
How to change the footer links in Extra
How to fix the HTTP image upload error
How to select a page as your homepage
How to Disable Top Tier Dropdown Menu Links
How to change your maximum upload file size
Divi Builder Module Visibility Option
How To Add A Favicon To Your Website
White Screen Of Death. My Website Crashed
Different Layout For Small Screens
Website Doesn't Look Good On Mobile
Optimizing Background Images For Small Screens
How to Create a Full Screen Slider with Divi
How To Import Posts & Pages From One WordPress Website To Another
What is the ideal image size for Divi Websites?
How To Add More Social Icons To Divi Header And Footer
Website is Stuck in Maintenance Mode
My Icons Are Broken
How To Fix “Error Establishing A Database Connection” In WordPress
Images Have Disappeared
Builder Error - Could Not Be Displayed
Blog Featured Images Are Being Cropped
How do I change the footer credits in Divi?
My Custom CSS Isn't Working
Comments not appearing on posts
Comments not appearing on pages
How to add "Add to Cart" button in Divi shop pages
How to add a site description under your logo
My Changes Don't Save In The Builder
How To Enable Pinch To Zoom On Mobile
The Divi Builder Disappeared
Blog Page not changing when built with Divi Builder
Rows Aren't Full Width
Equalize Column Heights Isn't Working
How To Make A Child Theme
How to add more columns to Divi Builder
How To Reinstall A Theme
Add Google Analytics & Other Tracking Codes To Your Website
Divi Builder Timeout Error
PHP Memory Limit Error
Oops it, looks like the Divi Builder failed to load
Contact Form Doesn't Send Emails
Mixed Content SSL Errors
500 Internal Server Error
How do I clear my browser cache?
How do I Activate the Divi Builder?
Our Support System Explained