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How to troubleshoot the Divi Builder Timeout error
How to troubleshoot the Divi Builder Timeout error

Most common reasons of why the Divi Builder might Timeout

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Sometimes, when the Visual Builder is launched, we might get a Timeout error with different causes.

The Divi Builder Timeout error usually appears when editing a Page, Post, or Custom Post Type, and it might look like this:

Divi Builder Timeout error

In the Popup that describes the error, we get two possible causes:

  1. Plugins conflict

  2. Outdated version of Divi

  3. Outdated PHP version

  4. Low values on PHP directives

While those possible causes are generic, we should ensure that the plugins do not conflict with Divi if such an error appears.

The simplest way would be to go to Divi > Support Center and activate the Safe Mode.

Enable Divi Safe mode

Note: While the Safe Mode is enabled, the following items will be disabled.

  • 3rd Party plugins

  • Child theme (in case one is used)

  • Custom code (CSS and JS)

This will only happen for the currently logged-in user who has activated the Safe Mode and will not impact the website's visitors.

Safe Mode resolves the timeout

With the Safe Mode enabled, try to load the Divi Builder. If the Timeout error has been fixed, we must determine which plugin creates the issue.

To find out which plugins or plugins might connect with Divi:

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Active Plugins tab;

  2. Select all active plugins and choose to deactivate them;

  3. With all the plugins deactivated, go back to the page and try to enable the Divi Builder again

  4. If it works, return to the Plugins page > Recently Active tab and activate one plugin at a time.

  5. After each plugin activation, check again if the issue has been solved

Safe Mode doesn't resolve the timeout

If the Safe Mode doesn't resolve the issue, we must check for other possible causes.

In Divi > Support Center, make sure that the server meets Divi's requirements

Divi Support Center

If there are any red dots, those should be addressed/fixed by the hosting support team.

Edge cases

In some edge user cases, the Divi Builder timeout error could be related to different causes:

WordPress Permalinks

While Divi has no control over the website's permalinks, we can check if that's the case by navigating to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks.

From the Permalinks Page, set the Permalinks to Plain:

Plain Permalinks

Save the changes and try again. If the Permalinks to Plain fixes the Timeout error, it should be checked with the hosting support team.

Incorrect Protocol

If the website is using an SSL certificate, make sure that in WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General, the correct HTTPS protocols are being used for both URLs:

  • WordPress Address (URL)

  • Site Address (URL)

Setting the correct protocols

If the SSL certificate was installed after the WordPress was installed to the server and content (pages, posts, products, etc.) were already published, installing a 3rd party plugin called Really Simple SSL will also help in fixing Protocol errors, which might lead to Divi Builder Timeout error.

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