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How To Fix Slow Loading Websites

How to investigate why your website is loading slowly

Updated over a week ago

The first thing you should do when you notice slow loading on your site is to scan your page with a Speed Test tool.
There are many tools for this, one of my personal favourites is Pingdom.

The two main things you'll want to focus on after scanning the page, is the page Load Time and the Page Size

A normal page load time is 4 seconds with 3 MB in size. Though, that may not be the case according to the nature of the page in question. 

If the page size is greater than 3 MB, then try to reduce the page size.
The most common cause for this is the extensive use of images, and you can verify that by scrolling down: 

The total images size should be less than 3 MB, but make sure you reduce that size as lower as you can get. You can do that by:

1 . Reducing the images number on the page.
If you have a blog on the page, try to show only 7-9 posts. If you have a slider, be sure not to add a lot of slides. Same goes for projects or any similar content.
A good way to handle this is by showing your best work only with a button to show more.

2 . Optimize the images.
This means reducing the size significantly but reducing the quality just a bit. Our recommended Image Optimization Plugin is Smush Pro which is compatible with Divi.

They also have a free version available with more limited functionality, in case you're looking for a simpler solution.

3 . Try also using caching, CDN, CSS/JS minify.

Our recommended Caching Plugin is WP Rocket. Divi and WP Rocket are fully compatible so you can rest assured there will be no issues getting setup. You can find more about this in this article.

Slow loading pages may also come from other content like videos, PDFs or any type of media files, 3rd party scripts, a lot of fonts, iframes and so on.

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