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My Website Looks Different in the Visual Builder
My Website Looks Different in the Visual Builder

Check possible reasons that could make a website look different in the Visual Builder compared to seeing it on the front end.

Updated over a week ago

In most cases, the reason why different changes made on a page layout are visible while working inside the Visual Builder but not when exiting the Visual Builder is cache-related.

Clear the Divi Static CSS File

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard → Divi → Theme Options → Builder → Advanced Tab

    Divi Staic CSS File Generation

  2. Click on the Clear button

  3. Check the front end of the page again

  4. If clearing the Static CSS:

    1. doesn't fix the issue - Try deactivating the Static CSS File Generation and check again

    2. fixes the issue - The most likely cause of failed Static CSS File Generation is a syntax error in the custom CSS Code used on the website.

Check the custom CSS code for any syntax issues

  1. Go to CSS Validator app

  2. Paste your entire custom CSS code

  3. Validate and Fix any possible syntax errors

  4. Copy and Paste the corrected CSS code back to Divi → Theme Options → General Tab → Custom CSS

Once all the CSS has been fixed, the static CSS file generation should work.

Clear the cache generated by a third-party cache plugin

If you are using a third-party cache plugin, try to clear its cache before checking again the page layout.


  1. Sometimes, the issue might not get fixed even after disabling this option. In that case, ensure the cached CSS file is deleted from the hosting file manager. Some web hosts need this file to be manually deleted.

  2. If there are no issues in custom CSS code and you still see this problem, you can contact your web host to see if they are blocking static CSS file generation. You can also disable the option in Divi → Theme Options → Builder → Advanced Tab.

  3. If the above solutions don't work, you can also go to Divi Support Center, enable Safe Mode, and check again if the issue is resolved.

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