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How to Roll Back Divi to a Previous Version

How to roll back to a previous version of Divi in case you have issues after a theme update. Useful for debugging purposes.

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If your website encounters a problem or a fatal error after a theme update, it's always a good idea to have an option to roll back to a previous Divi version so you can get the website back online.

Warning: It is always recommended to have a website backup before rolling back to a previous Divi version, as going back to an older version could potentially cause compatibility issues or security vulnerabilities.

Backup Your Website

  1. Use a WordPress backup plugin like UpdraftPlus to create a full website backup, including the database and all files.

  2. If you're unfamiliar with UpdraftPlus, check out the How to Take a Backup of your Website article.

Rollback to the previous version

  1. Go to Divi β†’ Theme Options β†’ Updates tab

  2. Click on the Rollback to the previous version button.

    Divi Updates Tab

  3. In the Version Rollback popup, click on the Rollback to the previous version button

    Roll back to a previous Divi Version

You will get a green check mark if the Rollback process is completed successfully.

Confirm the Theme Version

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard β†’ Appearance β†’ Themes

  2. Click on the Divi Theme image

  3. Check its version number

    Check Divi's theme version


  • It's important to remember that rolling back to a previous version of a theme is not a recommended long-term solution. It may introduce security vulnerabilities or compatibility problems.

  • It is best to use this method as a temporary fix until you can resolve any issues with the latest version or find alternative solutions.

  • Rolling back will only be possible if you had the previous version installed on your website in the past. If you just installed Divi and didn't have a previous version before, you cannot roll back to a previous version.

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