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How to Reinstall the Divi Theme

Learn how to reinstall the Divi theme which can help resolve issues such as corrupted files, bugs, or incomplete updates.

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Reinstalling the Divi Theme can help resolve issues such as corrupted files, bugs, or incomplete updates. Whether you're troubleshooting problems or simply performing maintenance, knowing how to reinstall Divi correctly is essential.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of safely reinstalling the Divi Theme on your WordPress site.

Reinstall the Divi theme using the Appearance Page

  1. Go to the My Downloads section

  2. Click on the Download the Divi Theme button

    Elegant Themes - Members Area

  3. Log in to WordPress Dashboard

  4. Go to Appearance Themes

  5. Click on the Add New Theme button (at the top)

  6. Click on the Upload Theme button (at the top)

  7. Choose the file, which was downloaded in Step 3

  8. WordPress will detect the previous Divi installation and will give the option to override with the new one (downloaded at step 2)

    WordPress - Reinstall the active theme

  9. Click on Replace current with uploaded button.

Reinstall the Divi theme using the Updates Tab

Note: This method will only work if it is not a fresh Divi installation.

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard → Divi → Theme Options → Updates tab

  2. Click on the Rollback to the previous version button

    Divi Theme - Updates Tab
  3. Go to Appearance Themes and perform the update to the latest version

Reinstall the Divi theme by changing the version number

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard Appearance Theme File Editor

  2. Edit the style.css  file

  3. Change the version number in this file to a previous version by editing:

    Version: 4.0.6

    (e.g., change 4.0.6 to 4.0.5 )

  4. Go back to Appearance Themes and update to the latest version.

Note: If the update is unavailable under Appearance Themes, go to Dashboard Updates instead.

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