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How to Create a Staging Site
How to Create a Staging Site

How to create a staging site, which is an exact clone of a live website, where you can test new things like plugins, updates, etc

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A staging website is useful for the debugging process. Having a Staging website, all the debugging can be done safely, without affecting the live website.

To create a staging website, you will need a 3rd party plugin called WP Staging.

Note: Some hosts might include a service in your hosting plan that allows you to create a working clone of the live website. So, before creating a staging website, check with your hosting to see if they offer such a service.

Installing the WP Staging plugin

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard β†’ Plugins β†’ Add New

  2. Search for WP Staging

    Install the WP Staging plugin

  3. Install and activate the WP Staging plugin

Create a staging website

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard β†’ WP Staging

  2. Click on Staging Sites β†’ Create Staging Site

  3. Give your staging website a name.

  4. Click on the Start Cloning button.

    WP Staging - Create a staging website

Note: Depending on the size of the live website and the speed of the server, a complete clone of the live website takes, on average, 2- 10 minutes.

Once the cloning process is complete, click on the Open staging site button.

WP Staging - Accessing the Staging Website


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