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How to access the Divi's Changelog
How to access the Divi's Changelog

Divi's changelog offers information about each update as well as information about what bug fixes have been released.

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There are three main ways to access the Divi's changelog

  1. With a direct URL link

  2. From the WordPress Dashboard โ†’ Themes page

  3. From the link available in the Elegant Theme's account

Accessing the changelog with a direct URL

  1. Access the Divi Change Log page

  2. Bookmark the page for further usage

Accessing the changelog from WordPress Dashboard

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard

  2. Go to Appearance โ†’ Themes

  3. Hover over Divi and click on Theme Details

  4. If the Divi theme is not using the latest version, a text link: View version x.x details will appear.

    Divi view changelog link

  5. Clicking on that link will open the changelog details.

    Divi Changelog details

Note: The View version details link will not appear if Divi is on its latest version.

Accessing the changelog from Elegant Theme's account page

  1. Login to your Elegant theme's account

  2. Head over to the Members Area page

  3. Click on the View Changelog link, the last link from the box.

    Accessing the Divi's change log from Member Area
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