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How To Setup Monarch's LinkedIn API
How To Setup Monarch's LinkedIn API
In this article you can learn how to integrate LinkedIn API to Monarch to show your LinkedIn follower count
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  1. First, login to LinkedIn and go to the Developer Console by following this URL

  2. Click on Create app button to create a new app .

3. On the next screen, fill all the fields, like App name(can be anything) and any other mandatory fields like your website URL and logo image.
4. Click on Create App button at the end of the form, your app will be created and you will see a screen like this:

5. Click on Auth tab

On the next screen at the bottom, you will see the option for redirect URL

6. Click on the edit icon for Redirect URL and in redirect URL field enter this

Make sure to replace with your actual website address in the above URL.

Save the changes and your app is ready to use

7. On the same Auth tab , at the very top, you can see the client id and client secret values

8. You can fill those 2 values in the Monarch settings for LinkedIn and click on Authorize button and your site will be connected to your LinkedIn account now, to show the follower count.

Hope this helps in integrating Monarch to your LinkedIn account.

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