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How To Setup Monarch's Instagram API
How To Setup Monarch's Instagram API

Here you can learn how to integrate Instagram API to Monarch plugin to show your follower count

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To be able to display the total number of Instagram Followers using the API Integration, there are a few things that have to be set up in advance:

  • A Facebook Page - which is different than the Personal Profile

  • An Instagram Professional Account - the latest Facebook API will not work with a personal Instagram account

  • Link the Instagram account to the Facebook Page

Link Professional Instagram Account to a Facebook page

Once the Facebook Page and Professional Account are created, we must link them together.

Step 1. Open the Facebook Page's settings by clicking the Page Iocon (top right corner), then Settings & Privacy, and Settings:

Step 2: Choose Linked Account from the Right Sidebar.

Step 3: Choose Instagram and click Connect Account

Step 4: In the next popup, click Connect:

Step 5: Make sure that in the next popup, the Allow access to Instagram message in Inbox option is enabled and click Confirm:

Step 6: In the next popup click on Allow all Cookies:

Step 7: Log in to your professional Instagram account. If you don't have a professional Instagram account, the following form will be prompted to you after a successful login:

Choose the option that fits your account and click Next. On the next page, choose the category that best describes what you do and click Done.

At the end of that process you should get the Instagram connected message:

Create a Facebook App

Follow all the steps from the How to create a Facebook App help article before continuing.

Setting up Monarch to use Facebook API.

To display the total Followers a Professional Instagram has, we need to use the Facebook App ID and App Secret. Please refer to the How to Create a Facebook App article to get the Facebook App ID and Secret.

Step 1: Go to Tools > Monarch Settings > Networks in the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Add a new Network and Choose Instagram.

Step 3: In the second field, enter the full Instagram Profile URL:

Step 4: Under Settings, ensure the Get counts via API option is enabled for the Display.

Step 5: Next, click on General Settings:

The Frequency of count updates (in hours) could be left as 3 (default options). That option sets how often Monarch will use the Facebook and Instagram API to check the number of Followers the Facebook Page and the Instagram account have.

Step 6: Add the Facebook App ID and App Secret - please refer to the How to Create a Facebook App.

Step 7: Check the Use Instagram API option.

Step 8: Facebook Page ID is the Facebook page for which Monarch will display the total number of Followers and which was also linked to the Instagram account. To get the Facebook page Id, browser the page on Facebook and copy the ID from the URL:

In this example, the page ID is

Step 9: Click on Authorize Button

Step 10: In the next step, choose to continue as Facebook User:

Step 11: Choose to Instagram account and click Next:

Step 12: Make sure that the Page which was linked to the Instagram account is selected (it should be by default) and click Next:

Step 13: Set to Yes for all three options and click Done.

You should get the message that the website was linked to Facebook:

Step 14: Click Ok.

At this moment, you will be redirected back to WordPress Dashboard > Monarch configuration Page.

Step 15: Click Save Chances.

Step 16: In Tools > Monarch Settings > Networks, add the Instagram Network and fill in the Instagram Profile URL:

The result once the Widget or the Shorcode are being used would be:

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