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How to Setup Monarch's Twitter API
How to Setup Monarch's Twitter API
If Twitter counts are not working properly on your site, please follow this article to make sure the API is set up correctly
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We can follow the below steps to integrate Twitter successfully with Monarch 

  1. First you need to login to your Twitter account

  2. Then you can go to Application Manager using this link

  3. Click on Create an app button 

4. If you are making a Twitter app for the first time, you might see this screen after this, click on Apply button here

5. If it is your first time making app on twitter It will ask for creating a developer account, which is nothing but  just filling up some simple questions they ask you in the form.

6. Once you have the Twitter Dev Account ready, please click on Create an App option as shown below:

7. You will find various fields on app creation screen, here is what to fill in each of those

App Name: You can name it anything, just  something for you to remember, I am naming it MyTwitterApp in this example

Application Description: Here also, you can write anything, just some general info about your app.

Website URL:  This will be the complete URL of your website, for example,

You can keep this checkbox unselected, unless you are making some complex application, this is not required for integrating Monarch.

Callback URL:  This is an important one, to get this URL,If your website address is, you can add this in Callback URL field , Please replace with your actual site URL here to get the correct Callback URL for your site.

Other fields below these are optional so you can skip those, just one more required field

You can add any info here which you want to tell Twitter team about your App.

8. Click the Create button twice(here and on the next pop-up as well)

9. On the next screen click on Keys and Token link and here you will get all the info that you need to fill in Monarch Settings

10.Now you can go to Twitter section in Monarch setting to add these keys as shown in below GIF

11. Please all 4 values from your Twitter account to your Monarch setting and click on Authorize button, if all is done well, you should see a success screen like this

12. Now you just need to add your Twitter profile URL in the URL field on Monarch settings and it will start fetching your follow count and show automatically on your site

Hope this article helps you in integrating Twitter to Monarch on your site.

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