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How to Setup Monarch's Twitter API
How to Setup Monarch's Twitter API

If Twitter counts are not working properly on your site, please follow this article to make sure the API is set up correctly

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We can follow the below steps to integrate Twitter successfully with Monarch. 

  1. First, you need to log in to your Twitter account.

  2. Then you can go to Application Manager using this link

  3. Click on Create an App button 

4. If you are making a Twitter app for the first time, you might see this screen after this, click on Apply button here

5. If it is your first time making an app on Twitter, It will ask for creating a developer account, which is nothing but just filling up some simple questions they ask you in the form. On the next Page, Choose Basic and Click on Sign up for Free Account

6. Fill in the required details and make sure to check all 3 boxes:

7. Once that is done, you will be taken to Twitter's Developer Portal. Out of the box, there will be a default Project and Project App created for us:

8. Click on the Gear Icon under the Project App:

9. On the following page, we can change the name of the App. In case you have multiple Twitter Apps, we recommend setting up a descriptive name for the App. Click on Edit and change the default name of the App:

10. After renaming the App, click on Save.

11. Under User authentication settings, click on Set Up.

12. On the next Page, there will be three different sections:

  • App Permissions (required)

  • Type of App (required)

  • App Info

13. Under App Permissions, make sure the second option is selected: Read and Write:

14. Under Type of App, choose Web App, Automated App, or Bot option:

15. Under App Info -> Callback URI / Redirect URL, we need to enter a special URL. To get the correct URL follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the WordPress website

  • Make sure that Monarch is installed and active

  • Go to Tools > Monarch Settings

  • Copy the URL from the browser's address bar.

That would be the Callback URI.

16. Paste the URL as the Callback URI:

17. For the Website URL, fill it with your website's URL.

18. Once the Save Button is clicked, the following page will display the Client ID and the Client Secret. Copy both those strings to a local text file saved on your computer:

19. After both Keys are copied, click Done.

20. Head over to the Keys and Tokens Tab. Here we will create all the Tokens Monarch Plugin requires to authenticate the Twitter App successfully.

21. Under Consumer Keys, click on the Regenerate button. You will be asked to confirm the choice. Click on Yes, regenerate button.

22. Copy the API key and the API Key Secret to a secure location. This could be a local document saved on your computer.

23. Under Authentification Tokens, we must generate both Bearer Token and Access Token and Secret. For each option, click on Generate Button.

24. Save both Tokens to a local file store on your computer.

25. Now you can go to the Twitter section in Monarch setting to add these keys, as shown in the below GIF

26. Under API Settings Twitter paste the corresponding Token as follows and click on Authorize Button.

  • Consumer Key - is the Client ID (step 18)

  • Consumer Secret - is the Client Secret (step 18)

  • Access Token - is the Access token (step 23)

  • Access Token secret - is the Access Token Secret (step 23)

27. Last step is to fill in the Twitter profile URL and the Twitter Username. Head over to, and click on Profile Tab.

28. Copy the address from the browser's address bar and paste it into the URL field.

29. Copy the username - which is the string after the URL when visiting the Twitter profile page and paste it in the Name field.

Hope this article helps you integrate Twitter into Monarch on your site.

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