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How to Change the Footer Credits in Divi
How to Change the Footer Credits in Divi

Change the default footer copyright text using the Theme Customizer or using the Theme Builder.

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The Divi theme will display the following default copyright text for the Footer: Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress.

You can use two different ways to change the default Footer copyright text.

Change the Footer Copyright text using Theme Customizer (easy)

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard → Divi → Theme Customizer

  2. Go to Footer → Bottom Bar

  3. In the Edit Footer Credits, add your own custom copyright text

    Divi Theme Customizer - Edit Footer copyright text

  4. Save the change by clicking on the Publish button.

Note: If you need to, you can also use HTML code, for example, to add custom links.


This is a custom footer <a href="">text</a>

The above example will change the default copyright text with the following text: This is a custom footer text, where the text will be a link to the Elegant Themes website.

Change the Footer Copyright text using Theme Builder (medium)

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard → Divi → Theme Builder

  2. Click on Add Global Footer

    Divi Theme Builder - Create a Global Footer

  3. Choose the Build Global Footer option

  4. Click on the Plus Green icon to add a new Row

  5. Choose a 1 Column

  6. Insert the Text module

  7. Add your custom copyright text

  8. Edit the Section settings and in Content Tab → Background → Background Color set a dark background color

  9. Go to Section's Design Tab → Spacing → Padding, and for the Top and Bottom padding, set 0px

    Divi Theme Builder - Remove the Section's Padding

  10. Edit the Text module, and from Design Tab → Text → Text Text Color, choose a light color

    Divi Theme Builder - Style the Footer's text
  11. Save the changes and exit the Visual Builder

  12. Click again on the Save Changes button

    Divi Theme Builder - Save changes


  • Check the Divi Theme Builder documentation pages to learn more about Divi Theme Builder.

  • The steps above show the basic process of creating a custom Global Footer layout.

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