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How do I change the footer credits in Divi?
How do I change the footer credits in Divi?
Change the default footer credits in few easy steps
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The default Footer Credits can be changes in 2 ways.

Easy way using the Theme Customizer

Go to Divi > Theme Customizer > Footer > Bottom Bar > Edit Footer Credits and start typing your own credits. This will replace the default Divi Footer Credits.

Advanced way using a child theme

First you will need to have a working Child Theme

Once the Child Theme is active the next step will be to install a 3rd party plugin which will allow you to create, delete, rename new PHP files. 

Download and install the WPIDE plugin. Although the new WordPress File Editor is great is missing a few basic functionalities like: 

  • the ability to create new files

  • rename a file

  • move files

The WPIDE plugin allows you to do that while having all the features that the WordPress File editor has.

Once the plugin is installed navigate to wp-content  folder > divi folder and open the footer.php  file and copy all of its PHP code.

Navigate to your Child Theme folder and create a new file:

Name the new PHP file footer.php  and paste inside the code copied from footer.php  of the parent theme.

In the code you have just pasted find this line of code:

echo et_get_footer_credits();

And replace that with: 

<p id="footer-info">Your own copy right</p>

Save the file and you are done.

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