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How do I change the footer credits in Divi?
How do I change the footer credits in Divi?

Change the default footer credits in few easy steps

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The default Footer Credits can be changes in 2 ways.

Easy way using the Theme Customizer

Go to Divi > Theme Customizer > Footer > Bottom Bar > Edit Footer Credits and start typing your own credits. This will replace the default Divi Footer Credits.

Another way using Theme Builder

In the Divi > Theme Builder, we can create a footer template and add any modules to it. The footer template will replace the default footer. It can be used on all pages or on particular pages

More details about the Theme Builder can be found here.

Advanced way using a child theme

First you will need to have a working Child Theme

Once the Child Theme is active the next step will be to install a 3rd party plugin which will allow you to create, delete, rename new PHP files. 

Download and install the WPIDE plugin. Although the new WordPress File Editor is great is missing a few basic functionalities like: 

  • the ability to create new files

  • rename a file

  • move files

The WPIDE plugin allows you to do that while having all the features that the WordPress File editor has.

Once the plugin is installed navigate to wp-content  folder > divi folder and open the footer.php  file and copy all of its PHP code.

Navigate to your Child Theme folder and create a new file:

Name the new PHP file footer.php  and paste inside the code copied from footer.php  of the parent theme.

In the code you have just pasted find this line of code:

echo et_get_footer_credits();

And replace that with: 

<p id="footer-info">Your own copy right</p>

Save the file and you are done.

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