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How do I get my API key?

You can get your API key from the Members Area.

Updated over a week ago

Getting your API Key:

Your API Key(s) can be generated on this page. There will be all your API Keys, and the option to create new API keys, deactivate or delete API keys, as well as label them. If you choose to deactivate or delete an existing API key, it will no longer be valid for updates. Simply clicking on the API Key will copy it:

Note: You are free to use the same API key on multiple websites. 

Getting your username:

On that same page, you will find your Username which is needed alongside an active API Key to update Divi and our other products in WordPress.

Your username can be found on this page:

Only those with active Divi Memberships have access to the latest versions of Divi and our other products. If you're getting an expired message in WordPress when trying to update Divi, or you're unsure if your membership is active, we're here to help further! You can send us a new message on our chat support, or write to us on our Contact Form.

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