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Importing a layout is stuck at 1%
Importing a layout is stuck at 1%

Reasons why importing a layout might get stuck at 1%.

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In some cases, importing a pre-made layout or a custom layout might get stuck 1%. While this is unfortunate, there are a few reasons why that might happen:

  1. The value of the upload_max_filesize PHP directive is less than the file size that is imported.

  2. A firewall might prevent the importing process.

  3. Other server-related issues.

Ensure that the upload_max_filesize size is sufficient

Ensure the PHP directive upload_max_filesize is set to at least 64M.

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard → Divi → Support Center → System Status.

  2. Check if everything is on green, especially the upload_max_filesize.

    Divi's System Status

  3. Ensure that the memory_limit and max_execution_time also have at least the recommended values.

Firewall protection

Sometimes, the Sever's Firewall or a plugin's Firewall might prevent the importing process from working correctly.

WordFence plugin

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard → WordFence → Firewall → Manage WAF.

    WordFence Firewall settings

  2. Set Learning Mode for Web Application Firewall Status.

    WordFence Learning mode

  3. Leave the Learning mode set for at least 48 hours. After that, set it back to Enabled and Protecting.

Server's Firewall

Some hosting companies use their own internal Firewalls. Check with your hosting support team for more details about the server's configuration.

Other server-related errors

Enabling WordPress Debug mode can help identify errors that prevent importing functionality.

  1. Try again to import the same layout.

  2. Check the WordPress debug.log file in Divi → Support Center, in the Logs section at the bottom:

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