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How to change the Divi Visual Builder Interaction mode
How to change the Divi Visual Builder Interaction mode

Configure the Visual Builder to use a specific interaction mode: Hover mode (Default), Click Mode, Grid mode.

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Out of the box, the Visual Builder's interaction mode is Hover mode. That means to interact with any element present in the layout. We will have to hover on that particular element to interact with it.

To change the default interaction mode, follow these steps:

  1. Expand the Visual Builder settings bar by clicking on this icon.

    Expand Visual Builder Settings

  2. Open the Builder Settings by clicking on the three vertical dots icon.

    Open the Builder Settings

  3. Choose the preferred Interaction mode under Builder Default Interaction Mode.

    Set the desired Interaction mode

  4. Once the preferred view mode is changed, save the page so the new selection will be saved.

Note: Next time any page/post/project/product is opened in Visual Builder, the preferred Interaction mode set at step 3 will be used instead of the default one, which is Hover mode.

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