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Adding Current Post Category And Tags In Divi
Adding Current Post Category And Tags In Divi

Display current category of your blog posts and Tag meta links using dynamic content.

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In case you want to display the current post category and tags on your Post pages in the Divi theme please follow the following steps to get the desired result.

  1. Create a new All Posts Template under the Divi / Theme Builder settings

  2. Under the All Posts template click the Add Custom Body Layout

  3. Add the Divi Text module to the newly created layout

  4. Navigate to the Text module / Content tab and click the Dynamic Content option

  5. You will be presented with a list of available Dynamic Content options. Click the Post Categories or Post Tags depending on your needs.

  6. After selection, a new popup will appear where you can configure additional settings

Tip: You can add multiple Divi text modules to display Categories and Tags at the same time

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