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How to add an Author Box on single posts
How to add an Author Box on single posts

Using Theme Builder, create and customize a template for all single post pages.

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The default appearance of the Single Post layout is shown below:

Single Post default layout

There are four distinct areas.

  1. Header

  2. Post Content, which contains:

    1. Post Title

    2. Post meta

    3. Featured Image

    4. The post content (text)

    5. Comments Form

  3. Sidebar

  4. Footer

Note: With the Theme builder, we can customize the entire post layout to our needs. The Theme Builder will be used to add a Divi Module that will display the Author's details.

Create a theme builder template assigned to all posts

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard β†’ Divi β†’ Theme Builder.

  2. Create a new template by clicking on the + icon and click on Build New Template.

  3. Assing the new template to All Posts.

  4. Click on the Create Template button.

  5. Click on Add Custom Body and choose Build Custom Body.

  6. Insert a new 1-column Row.

  7. Insert the Post Title module - this will be used to display the Post related details:

    1. The Post Title

    2. The Post Meta information

    3. The Post Featured Image

  8. Insert the Post Content module - this will be used to display the actual content of each Post.

  9. Insert the Comments module.

The starting layout should look like this:

All posts starting layout

Create the Author box

We will use the Person module and Divi's feature called Dynamic Content.

  1. After the Post Content module and before the Comments module, insert the Person module.

  2. Hover on the Name field and click on the Dynamic Content icon.

    Dynamic Content icon

  3. Choose the Post Author from the Dynamic Content List.

    Post Author Dynamic Content

    This will display the Author's name of each single post.

  4. In the Name Format, choose how you would like to display the Author's name. A good option would be the First & Last Name option.

    Author Name Format

  5. Enable the Link Name option and choose Author Archive Page.

  6. For the Body, click the Dynamic Content icon and choose Author Bio.

    This will display the Bio text, which is set for each Author in WordPress Dashboard β†’ Users.

  7. Expand the Image option group, remove the default placeholder and, using the Dynamic Content option, choose Author Profile Picture.

Pro Tip: Ensure that the Position field doesn't have any value by deleting the default text that field has.

The final result:

Author Info Box
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