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Preload ET Icon fonts (modules.ttf) for Divi
Preload ET Icon fonts (modules.ttf) for Divi

You'll learn how to preload ET Icon fonts (modules.ttf) for better loading and user experience.

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Sometimes you may have an issue with the Elegant Icon font loading, that it’s taking a little time to load the font resulting to show weird numbers and symbols for few seconds while the page is loading:

Or if your Google PageSpeed Insights is showing "Preload key requests" issue and recommending to add preload for modules.ttf font:

To fix this, you can add preload to the elegant Icon font.

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Divi > Theme options > Integration > <head> section, add this line of code:

<link rel="preload" as="font" href="" type="font/ttf" crossorigin="anonymous">

In the above code, change “” to your main site home page URL.

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