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How to update the Google Fonts list in Divi
How to update the Google Fonts list in Divi

Updating the default list of Google Fonts using Divi theme.

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Some of the fonts available on the Google Web font list might not be available in Divi by default. To ensure that all the available Google fonts are also available in Divi, the Google Maps API key needs to be adjusted to include the Google Fonts API.

Note: this article assumes that a valid Google Maps API key is already created and used on the Divi website.

If no Google Maps API key has been generated, check the Map Module's documentation.

Add the Google Fonts API key to the existing Google Maps API.

  1. Login to your Google Cloud account

  2. Load the project that contains the Google Maps API Key

    Load the Google Project

  3. Use the navigation menu and open the APIs & Services Enabled APIs & Services

    Enabled APIs & Services

  4. Click on Enable APIs and Services

    Enable APIs and Services

  5. Use the Search field and search for Google Fonts

  6. Click on the Search Result called Web Fonts Developer API

  7. Click on Enable button

  8. At this point, the Web Fonts Developer API will be added to the existing Google Maps API.

  9. Go back to WordPress Dashboard → Divi → Theme Options → General Tab and resave your settings.

Note: It may take a while to see all the available Google Fonts.

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