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How to migrate your local website to a live server
How to migrate your local website to a live server

Moving local website to live server

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There are three popular ways of moving a local website to a live server:

Moving website manually

This method requires exporting/importing the database, copying all files and folders, and editing tables in the database. We have a step-by-step tutorial in our blog that you can follow.

Moving website using a plugin

There are a few plugins that you can use to move your website. 

With this plugin, you should have a clean WordPress setup on your live server and the local website that you want to move. Here are steps that you can follow:

1.  Install and activate the plugin. 

2. Click "Export" in plugin settings and click "Export" > "File".

3. Download the exported file.
4. Install the same plugin on your live website. Click "Import" and select the file that you have downloaded in 1st step.
5. Once import is finished click "Proceed".

6. Once you receive the confirmation message, log out and log in again using the old password that you have set on the local website.

7. The last step is to save the permalinks in Settings > Permalinks. Do not change any settings, just click "Save Changes"

That's it! Your live website should be the same as your local website.

Another plugin that you can use is Duplicator. Here is a good step-by-step tutorial that you can follow.

Moving website using hosting built-in tools

Some of the hosting companies have built-in tools to move your websites. You can contact your hosting company, to provide you instructions or tutorials about how to use built-in tools and also assist with migration, in case they offer such services.

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