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The Divi Builder Disappeared
The Divi Builder Disappeared
The Divi Builder is not visible or absent or not showing up in the WordPress Dashboard.
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Note: If you are having problems after updating to WordPress 5.0, please make sure you have the latest version of Divi (3.18+) installed as we have included a number of compatibility fixes. You can learn how to update Divi here. 

You can also learn how to enable the Classic Divi Backend Builder here.

We will divide this troubleshooting into two major categories: newly added and existent pages/posts.

1. The Divi Builder is absent from newly added pages/posts:

If you notice that The Divi Builder is absent, that could be from the fact that is disabled from Theme Options -> Builder -> Post Type Integration:

You can simply check that also when you add a new page/post and open the Screen Options, you will notice that The Divi Builder Box is nowhere to be found. This is how it looks when is DISABLED from Post Type Integration:

And this is how it looks when it's ENABLED:

So simply checking that could save you from troubleshooting forward for something that works.

2. The Divi Builder is absent from existent pages/posts:

There could be four major reasons why the Divi Builder is missing from existent pages/posts (newly added ones could fall into these category too):

     Plugin conflict
     Child Theme conflict
     The Default WordPress Editor is used
     Server conflict

2.1 Plugin Conflict:

Often when The Divi Builder goes missing on existent pages/posts, it happens after a theme/plugin update or an plugin installation. In that case, inspecting the page where is absent by clicking F12 in the Chrome browser, will help you to get an idea about this. Usually a plugin conflict looks like this:

To check if indeed that's the case, deactivate all the plugins with no exceptions and refresh that page (you can do that from Chrome -> Incognito mode just to be sure no browser caching is involved). If The Divi Builder is present after doing that, it means a plugin is conflicting and you can activate them one by one, refreshing the page after each activation to see which one is the culprit.
With over 55.000 plugins in the repository, you can find an alternative plugin which does the same job at

2.2 Child Theme conflict:

It can happen when, just like a plugin may be conflicting, a child theme could prevent it from showing up. So simply switching to the parent theme will show you if that's the case.
If a child theme is conflicting, you need either to troubleshoot it by checking the codes from it, either contact its developer.

2.3 The Default WordPress Editor is used:

There are cases when The WordPress Default Editor is clicked in a page/post, thus preventing The Divi Builder to be present. So simply activate it to use it:

2.4 Server Conflict:

In some rare cases, the server on which WordPress is installed, could prevent The Divi Builder to be loaded in pages/posts.
This case resembles with the one when a plugin is conflicting and you can inspect that page too and check for the status codes errors in the console.
If the errors are coming from the 5xx Server errors, it means something on the server is preventing the builder to load and the hosting company should be able to check the server logs and fix that. The most common errors of this type happen with WordPress, no matter what themes/plugins are used and the error is present on the platform files:

Special case:

There is a situation in which some people asked for help because The Divi Builder is missing, but in fact it was just collapsed, so make sure you check that too. This is how you collapse and expand it:

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