How To Reinstall A Theme
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Method One (for WordPress 5.0 or higher):

  1. Login to your Elegant Themes Account

  2. Go to the "My Downloads" section and click on Download Divi

  3. Login to WordPress Dashboard

  4. Navigate to Appearance > Themes and click on Add New

  5. Upload the new file, which was downloaded at step 2

  6. At this point, WordPress will detect the previous Divi install and will give the option to override with the new one (downloaded at step 2)

  7. Click on Replace current with uploaded button.

Method Two: (only works if this is not a brand-new copy of Divi installed on the server):

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Divi > Theme Options > Updates tab and then click on the "Rollback to the previous version" button:

  2. After you go to the previous version, go to Appearance > Themes and then perform the update to the latest version, which should get you the latest theme files.

Method Three (for WordPress 4.9 or lower)

  1. Download a fresh copy of the theme from the Member's Area  > Downloads

  2. Go to your  WordPress Dashboard  > Appearance  > Themes and activate a different theme (e.g., Twenty Seventeen).

  3. Click on the theme thumbnail, click on the Delete link on the bottom right corner and confirm the delete.

  4. Click on Add New , then on Upload Theme , select the theme package (the zip file downloaded at step 1) and proceed with the installation.

Note: You will not lose your Divi theme options and WordPress content. If you modified the theme template files (style.css, header.php), then you would lose those changes when you deleted the theme. 

Method Four (changing the current theme version number to a lower version):

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard  > Appearance  > Editor  and edit the style.css  file.

  2. Change the version number in this file to a previous version by editing:

    Version: 4.0.6

    (e.g., change 4.0.6 to 4.0.5 )

  3. Go back to Appearance > Themes and update to the latest version.

Note: If the update is not available under Appearance > Themes, go to Dashboard > Updates instead.

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