Using Extra’s Page Templates

Extra comes with a variety of page templates that can be used in various situations.

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Using Page Templates

Extra includes a collection of page templates that can be used for various purposes. The following Page templates are available:

  • Authors Template - Displays a Grid of all Site's Authors. Demo page

  • Timeline Template - Display the published posts grouped by Month. Demo page

  • Portfolio Template - Display a Grid of all the Published Projects. Demo page

  • Sitemap Template - Display the Sitemap, which includes all the Published Pages, Categories and Tags. Demo page

  • Member Login Template - Display the Login Form. Demo page

  • Contact Template - Display the Google Maps and contact form. Demo page

  • Blog Feed Template - Display the most recent posts. Demo page

  • Fullwidth Template - Displays the page content without any sidebars. Demo page

You can apply these page templates to any page you create.

Selecting a Page Template

First, edit the page to which you want to apply a template by going to WordPress Dashboard > Pages and clicking on the desired page.

From the WordPress menu from the Left Sidebar, under Templates, choose the desired template:

The final step is to update the page.

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