Using The Bloom Locked Content Opt-In

Required your visitors to subscribe before they get access to the content on your post or page.

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What Is The Locked Content Opt-In?

Locked Content is a great way to get new subscribers by requiring them to subscribe to your list before they get access to a free resource.

After you finish creating your Locked Content opt-in, you will be given a shortcode that you can use to wrap the content that you would like to lock within any given post or page.

Example: you could lock a link that gives down-loadable access to your eBook. Or you could write a great post and lock the second half of the post for only your subscribers to access.

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Creating The Locked Content Opt-In

To create an opt-in form, click on the Bloom โ†’ Optin Forms link in your WordPress Dashboard or click on the Home icon within the Bloom settings page to open the main settings tab.

Here, you can manage the opt-ins you have created in the past and create new opt-ins.

  1. Click the New Optin button. This will reveal the 6 opt-in types that Bloom supports.

  2. Click on the Locked Content option to begin building your new opt-in.
    Once you select your opt-in type, you will be taken to the opt-in creation screen, where you can adjust the various opt-in settings.

These settings are broken into two categories:

  • Setup

  • Design


Within the Setup tab of the opt-in creation process, you can give your opt-in a name (for future reference) and assign an email account to the opt-in form.

Before you can start collecting email addresses, you first need to connect Bloom to your email marketing service, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.

If you still need to add an account to Bloom, you can go ahead and do it from here. If you have already added an account, you can choose the account and associate email list from the Form Integration settings on this page.

For detailed information about how to add accounts to Bloom and a comprehensive list of all account types supported by Bloom, please refer to our in-depth accounts tutorial.


Within the Design tab, you can customize the appearance of your opt-in form.

Bloom has many design settings, such as:

  • Background color

  • Font color

  • Button color

  • Form color

  • Image and form location

  • Border styles

Within this tab, you can adjust these settings and preview your form by clicking the Preview button.

For a comprehensive look at the Bloom design settings, please take a look at our in-depth design tutorial.

After you finish designing your opt-in, you will reach the final step: Generate Shortcode.

Generate Shortcode

After configuring your Locked Content opt-in, you will be presented with a generate shortcode button.

This button will display the Shortcode to place your Locked Content opt-in form anywhere on your website.

You can also access a list of your shortcodes from within the Bloom Shortcode button within the WordPress post editor or by clicking the shortcode icon within the opt-in management tab in your Bloom settings panel.

For a comprehensive look at the Bloom Shortcodes and how to use them, please take a look at our in-depth design tutorial.

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