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Creating And Using Shortcodes In Bloom
Creating And Using Shortcodes In Bloom

Certain opt-ins have shortcodes that you can use to place the opt-in anywhere on your site.

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Shortcodes Can Be Used To Place Opt-Ins Within Posts & Pages

Bloom creates shortcodes for two opt-in types:

  • Locked Content and

  • Inline.

Whenever you create a Locked Content or Inline opt-in, you can use the shortcode to place this newly created opt-in form anywhere on your website.

You can access these shortcodes from within the Bloom settings panel or from within the Bloom Shortcodes button in the WordPress post editor.

What Is A Shortcode?

A shortcode is a piece of code that has been simplified for convenience and can be used to create an advanced element (in this case, a Bloom opt-in). A shortcode will look like this:

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_4]

Copying and pasting this code into the WordPress post editor will display the associated opt-in on the post or page you edit.

tutorial image

Generating A Shortcode During Opt-In Creation

Shortcodes are only created for Locked Content and Inline opt-in forms.

After you create either of these opt-in types, you will notice a Generate Shortcode button on the final tab of the settings page. Pressing this button will display the shortcode you can copy and paste into your post or page.

tutorial image

Generation A Shortcode From The Opt-In List

You can also generate a shortcode for an Inline or Locked Content form from within the Bloom Settings page by clicking the shortcode icon for the desired opt-in in your opt-in list.

tutorial image

Generating A Shortcode From Within The Post Classic Editor

Note: To access the Bloom option in your editor from Divi β†’ Theme Options β†’ Builder β†’ Advanced Tab, the Enable Classic Editor option should be enabled.

All of your active opt-ins with associated shortcodes are also easily accessible right from the WordPress Post Classical Editor.

While writing your post, you can use the Bloom button within the post editor to add a shortcode to your post.

Click the button to get a list of available opt-ins, and select the one you want to add.

Post Classical Editor - Bloom opt-ins

If the Classic Editor is not enabled, enable the Divi Builder and use any text-based modules. You can access the Bloom button from the TinyMCE editor:

Insert Bloom opt-in from text-based modules

Using The Locked Content Shortcode

The Locked Content shortcode is unique in that it must be wrapped around the content that you would like to lock.

When you generate the shortcode, you will notice it has two parts: [et_bloom_locked optin_id=optin_5] and [/et_bloom_locked].

Whatever content is placed in between these two parts will be locked and only revealed when the visitor subscribes to your list.

tutorial image
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