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How to add an attachment file option for the Contact Form module
How to add an attachment file option for the Contact Form module

Customizing the Contact Form module to include the option for attaching files.

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By default, the Contact Form module doesn't include a File Upload option. The types of fields that are avaiable by default for the Contact Form module are:

  • Input Field

  • Email Field

  • Textarea Field

  • Checkbox Field

  • Radio Buttons

  • Select field

To be able to have access to a File Upload option, we can install the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin.

Using Divi Contact Form Helper to add a File Upload option

  1. Install and activate the Divi Contact Form Helper plugin.

  2. Open the Contact Form module and add a new field.

  3. Set the field's ID - use only English characters and no spaces.
    - Incorrect field id: This is my field ID
    - Correct field id: this_is_my_field_id

    Field's ID

  4. Choose the field's Label text. This is the text that will be displayed on the front end for that particular field.

    Field's label text

  5. Expand the Field Options group and select the field type to be Input Field.

    Choose the Input type

  6. Expand the File Upload Settings option group.

  7. Enable Use As File Upload Field.

    Enable the Upload field functionality

  8. Set the Maximum Number of Files that a user is allowed to upload.

    Number of maxed files that can be uploaded

  9. Use the Allowed File Types section to choose which file types can be uploaded.

    Allowed file types for upload
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