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How to disable elements animation
How to disable elements animation

Disable elements (Section/Row/Column/Module) animation on an element bais or sidewide

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Definition: An element is either a Section, a Row, a Column or a Module

While importing pre-made layouts or custom layouts, some elements might have different animation set. To remove the animation, we can:

Remove the animation on a single element

  1. Open the settings for the element that you want to remove the animations

  2. Go to Design Tab → Animation

  3. Set the Animation to None

Disalbe Element's animation

Remove the animation on all elements (sitewide)

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard → Divi → Theme Options → General Tab → Custom CSS

  2. Add this CSS code:

.et_animated {
opacity: 1;
animation-duration: 0s;

Note: The above CSS Code will remove any animation being set using the Design Tab → Animation option group.

The above CSS Code will not remove the Slider/Fullwidth Slider animation used to animate the transition between each slide.

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