How to create a table

Tables are used to display tabulated data.

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Insert a WordPress table using the text-based modules

  1. Insert the Text module or any other text-based module

    Using the Text module to insert a simple Table

  2. Using the TinyMCE editor, click on the Table icon

    Insert Table button

  3. Create the table

    Choose the Table layout

    In this example, a 5-column and a 4-row table will be created.

  4. Use the Table Properties button to add the properties of your table

    Set the Table's properties

Pro Tip: Use the Table Properties option to enable Table Caption. This will allow to setting the Table captain text - which can be used to describe the table's content.


Example of a plain table

Pro Tip: On Phones, to make the table display all its data, in Module Settings β†’ Advanced Tab β†’ Visibility set the Horizontal Overflow to Visible. This will allow us to scroll right/left on the table to view all its data.

Create tables using 3rd party plugins

On our Marketplace, there are a few plugins that can be used to create/insert Tables into the page layout that give you more control over how the table looks on the front end.

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