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How To Keep Static Description Text in Divi Slider Module
How To Keep Static Description Text in Divi Slider Module

Learn the secrets to maintaining unchanging description text within the Divi Slider Module with this helpful guide.

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We'll explore how to make your slider description text remain fixed and unchanging as you transition between slides. Achieving this effect involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Start by adding a Slider module to your project with a minimum of two slides.

  2. Within the Slider Settings, navigate to Content > Element and disable the slider arrows and controls.

  3. Ensure that you input the same text or description in all of your slides.

  4. Diversify the visual appeal of each slide by assigning distinct background images through Slide Settings > Content > Background.

  5. Head over to Slider Module Settings > Design > Animation and toggle on the automatic animation.

  6. Specify your preferred Automatic Animation Speed; for instance, you can set it to 5000 milliseconds.

  7. Go to Slider Module Settings > Advanced > Custom CSS > Slider Description and add the following line of CSS code:

    animation-name: none;

You've now successfully implemented a static description for your slides.

Note: Keep in mind that, while this code won't disable all default slider animations, it will effectively render your slider descriptions static.

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