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Divi Theme Builder library with Divi Cloud storage
Divi Theme Builder library with Divi Cloud storage

Jumpstart New Client Websites With Pre-Made Designs

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Divi Theme Builder Library is a new place where you can save your favorite Theme Builder templates and template sets.

The Theme Builder Library is integrated with Divi Cloud, which means you can easily access your Theme Builder templates on every new website you build. All your favorite header and footer combinations, post templates, product templates, category templates, and more can be saved and organized in your library and installed on new websites with a single click.

Exploring The Theme Builder Library

Inside the Theme Builder Library, you can access your saved templates and template sets. Templates include their assignments and their associated header, footer, and body layouts in one package.

Template sets are collections of multiple templates. A single template set, for example, can include many individual templates built for different parts of your website β€” a default website template and its global header and footer layouts, a post template and its custom blog design, a product template built using Divi's WooCommerce modules, and any other number of Theme Builder templates.

When you view a template in the Theme Builder Library, you get a preview of the template's combined header, footer, and body layouts (screenshots are generated by Divi Cloud automatically), along with information about how the template is used based on its template assignments. You can also browse through similar templates as defined by template tags. From here, you can apply the template to your website, preview the template, or edit it using the Theme Builder.

When you view a template set, you get a visual preview of all templates included in that set. Importing a template set will apply all templates within the set to your website. Template sets saved in your library can also be edited using the Theme Builder.

To make a long story short: The Divi Theme Builder Library is just like the Divi Layout Library, except it's for Theme Builder templates and has been built to showcase Theme Builder templates more intuitively.

You can organize your templates using categories and folders, favorite your most-used templates, search and filter your collections, and so much more.

Adding Theme Builder Templates To Your Library

Saving a new template to your library is easy.

Click the Save To Library icon when hovering over a template within the Theme Builder. Templates can also be saved to Divi Cloud by toggling the Save To Divi Cloud option. Templates saved to Divi Cloud will automatically appear in your Divi Library on every new website you work on, which is quite convenient. Templates saved to your local library will only be available on the current website you are working on.

Template sets can be saved to your library using the Save To Library icon at the top of the Theme Builder interface. Using this method, you can save any or all of your active templates into a new template set.

Using Theme Builder Templates In Your Library

When you create a new theme builder template, you now have the choice to load a template from your library. You will also notice a new "+" button at the top of the Theme Builder, which can be clicked to load a template set from your library.

In either case, choosing to add a template or a template set from your library will launch the Divi Theme Builder Library, where you can browse through your templates and apply

them to your website.

The Power Of Theme Builder Template Sets

As you start filling your Theme Builder library with all your commonly-used templates and template sets, you will build new websites faster than ever before.

Template sets are like custom child themes, except everything is designed and managed within Divi. Think of them like presets for the overarching

design and structure of a website.

Jumpstart New Client Websites With Pre-Made Designs

The next time you build an e-commerce website for a client, for example, you can save your custom template set to your library and use it to get your next e-commerce client's website off the ground more quickly.

Don't waste time building or importing dozens of layouts, creating new templates, and managing their assignments. Thanks to Divi Cloud and the Theme Builder Library, you get to skip all that time-consuming work with each new build.

Switch Between Different Version Of Your Website

The local Theme Builder Library can also be very useful for individual websites. Using template sets, you can save different versions of a website's design to your Theme Builder Library. You can then quickly swap between template sets to transform your website's design.

For example, you might want to change your design during a big sale (such as Black Friday), add floating sale banners and pop-ups to your footer, add promotional callouts in your header, adjust CTA's, and change your styles to match the branding of the sale. By saving both your "active sale" and "standard website" template sets to the Theme Builder Library, you can swap back and forth between these designs as the sale begins and ends.

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