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How to import Theme Builder Packs

You can import our Theme Builder Packs by downloading them from our blog and using our Portability System.

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The Divi Theme Builder is a great tool that you can use to create global headers / footers and individual templates for each of your pages(category / search / 404 pages, individual posts / products and any other page that you want).

You can export all the Theme Builder layouts into a JSON file with Divi's Portability system, giving you the ability to export full Theme Builder Packs that include all your pages. 

Once you have downloaded the Theme Builder Pack from our Blog page, unzip it on your computer and you will see multiple .json files:

Excluding the "divi-theme-builder-pack-1", the rest of the name shows what Layout Packs you can import (e.g. if you want to try just the 404 page template, the category pages, the default website template, post or product templates).

If you wish to install all of them and override all your current layouts, you can use -all.json file. (divi-theme-builder-pack-1-all.json) (different days may have different file names, so just check the end of the file).

Go to Divi > Theme Builder, click on the Portability Icon, as shown in the below screenshot and then import the json file that you want.

Important: when you import the files without unchecking the boxes, the templates will automatically affect your entire website. Make sure you double-check these options before importing a file.

1. Override the Default Website Template - this will override any default template that you previously built and will take priority once you import it. Make sure to uncheck it to leave your default website template unchanged.

2. Allow import to override existing assignments - this will override the assignments on your Theme Builder. In the previous example, we include a default website template, one for 404 pages, for category pages, post and product templates. 

If you previously created any layout for any of these pages and the option is checked, they will get overridden, so if you don't want your website to be changed, it's best to uncheck it. 

We have 6 free Theme Builder Packs available to download in our blog posts below:

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