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I Lost All My Divi Theme Options & Customizer Settings
I Lost All My Divi Theme Options & Customizer Settings
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All the settings of the Theme Options and Theme Customizer are stored in database. If settings were lost the only option to restore them is restoring a backup of database. 

Creating a backup is a good practice, there a lot of things that could break your website and backup will help to keep your data in safe place. Following our article here, you can create a backup manually. We have a good article about using one of the WordPress backup plugins.

Another option to save Theme Options and Theme Customizer settings is using Portability feature. To export Theme Options click the following button:

To export Theme Customizer settings click the following button:

JSON file will be downloaded and you can save it somewhere on your desktop as a backup.

Note: Portability feature exist only in Divi and Extra themes and in our plugins. For legacy themes you will need to use a backup plugin.

In case if you didn't create a backup and settings were lost you can reach out your hosting company. Most of the hosting companies have auto backup feature enabled by default, they can assist you with restoring your website to a previous state.

Posts and pages are stored in a different table wp_posts , restoring only the options table can be useful in the case where you created a lot of posts after the backup was created and do not want to lose them.

The Theme Options are stored in wp_options  table, the option name is et_divi.

The Options of the Theme Customizer are stored in the wp_options table, the option name is theme_mods_*themename* . For example if you are using Divi theme the option name will be theme_mods_divi.

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