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Google Map Won't Load

Map module is not working

Updated over a week ago

The Map module requires a Google API key, in this article you can find how to create and configure the API key.

Note: when you copy the API key make sure in Theme Options has no extra space at the start or end.

The following API libraries should be enabled in your Google API key settings:

  • Google Maps Geocoding API

  • Google Maps Javascript API

You can see the list of enabled libraries in Google Developers Console. Open your project and then click on APIs & Services:

On the APIs & services page, you can see the active APIs at the bottom.

You can go through the "Enable APIs and Services" options :

To enable libraries click on the Library button below the Dashboard button and use the search "maps" to find the library that you need:

Look for the following libraries

  • Google Maps Geocoding API

  • Google Maps Javascript API

and then Enable in the settings:

Google Maps API key may not work in case the domain name of the allowed referrer doesn't match the actual domain name of your website. 

To check allowed referrers, click on the Credentials button and on your API key:

In the settings, you will find the Application restrictions option where you can add your domain name:

Make sure that the protocol is the same as on your website, HTTPS or HTTP. You can also add the domain name without protocol, like this:


For testing purposes, you can set Application Restrictions to "none". 

Note: Changes could not appear instantly and there could be a delay before Google updates the data. Usually, it takes a few minutes.

Google has a limited free quota on API usage. In case the quota is exceeded, the map will work in limited mode. More details about limits and pricing you can find on this page.

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