The Extra Theme does not have an option in theme customizer to change the bottom copyright text, you can follow the easy steps below to change the footer links in Extra.

  1. You need add a copy of footer.php file in your child theme, here is detailed tutorial from our blog to learn how to make a child theme

  2. Once you have a copy of your Extra theme's footer.php file in your child theme, please look for this code

<p id="footer-info"><?php printf( et_get_safe_localization( __( 'Designed by %1$s | Powered by %2$s', 'extra' ) ), '<a href="" title="Premium WordPress Themes">Elegant Themes</a>', '<a href="">WordPress</a>' ); ?></p>

You can replace it with 

<p id="footer-info">Your Own Footer Text Here!</p>

Note: If you modify any template files like the footer.php without a Child Theme then you will lose those changes upon updating. 

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