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Contact Form Doesn't Send Emails
Contact Form Doesn't Send Emails

Email deliverability problems can be caused by the server configuration or your email client spam filters.

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Email delivery and spam prevention are complex processes. We recommend using a delivery service such as Mandrill, SendGrid, or a similar service to ensure the messages that are submitted through the Contact Form are delivered.

The Contact Form module uses the PHP mail() function to send the emails which sometimes is disabled by the hosting provider. The Check Email plugin can be used to test if the PHP mail() function is configured correctly. If the test email is not receive the hosting company should check the server configuration.

As an alternative you can enable email delivery via SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) by using of a WordPress plugin.

Here are a few plugins to help you enable and set up SMTP:

Note: If you don't have access to the SMTP credentials you can reach out to your hosting provider and they will be able to provide them.

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