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How to get my site onto Google
How to get my site onto Google

How to add a WordPress to Google's search directory and Search Results Page.

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Ensure that Google has access to the website

WordPress can prevent Google from accessing/reading/indexing your website. Ensure that Discourage search engines from indexing this site option located in the WordPress Dashboard β†’ Settings β†’ Reading is not enabled.

Allow Google to index the website

Add the website to Google's Search Console

For Google to be able to correctly index a website, the website should be added to Google's Search Console.

  1. From the Search Form, add the website using the Add Property option

    Add a new property in Google Search Console

  2. Select the URL prefix option for the Property Type:

    Use the URL prefix to verify the ownership of the website

  3. Enter your website domain. Example: and click Continue

  4. Follow the on-screen steps to Verify the Ownership of the domain

    Completet the ownership verficiation process

  5. Download the provided HTML file and upload it to the Root of your website.

  6. Click on Verify The Ownership and the verified message will be displayed

    Ownership completed

Configure the website's SEO

  1. Install and activate Rank Math SEO. Check their documentation to learn how to configure the Rank Math SEO plugin by accessing this link.

  2. For each page/post/product and project, set the SEO details

  3. Go to the Rank Math SEO β†’ Sitemap Settings

  4. Click on the Sitemap Index URL and copy its address to your clipboard

    Acess the website's Sitemap

  5. Go back to Google Search Console

  6. Click on Indexing β†’ Sitemap

  7. Add the sitemap URL

  8. Click on Submit

    Submit the sitemap to Google

  9. If everything goes well, the confirmation message will be displayed:

    Sitemap's confirmation message

Note: Depending on how many pages/posts/projects/products the sitemap contains, indexing all the links might take a while.

After the indexing process is complete, the website will be visible on the Google Search Results page. Please note that it can take several days or even weeks before your website is indexed.

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