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How to align the menu items inside the Menu Module
How to align the menu items inside the Menu Module

The Menu module gives us the option to choose for different layouts and also to choose the item's alignment.

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Inside the Menu module, we have a Layout option, which can be used for changing the default Menu module's layout. Besides the Layout option, the Menu module includes many more options to help style the Menu to fit perfectly into the overall page layout.

Pro Tip: It is always a good way to set the Logo image as part of the Menu module instead of using a separate column.

Setting the logo to be part of the Menu module

Open the Menu module settings, and under Content Tab > Logo, set the image that will be the Site's Logo.

Add the logo image to the Menu module

Pro Tip: Use the Desing Tab > Sizing > Logo Width to make sizing adjustments for the image used as a Logo

Setting the Logo size

Changing the Menu module Layout

The Menu module has the following layout options:

  • Left Aligned - which is the default selected option

    Menu module Left Align Laytou

  • Centered - The logo will be displayed on top of the menu items, and the menu items will be centered on the page

    Menu module Centered Layout

  • Centered Inline - The logo will be displayed in between the menu items

    Menu module Centered Inline layout

Changing the alignment of the Menu module items

The alignment of the Menu module items can be set from Design Tab > Menu Text > Text Alignment.

  1. Open the Menu module settings

  2. Go to the Design Tab

  3. Open the Menu Text option group

  4. Use the Text Alignment option to set how the menu items should be aligned

Tip: In most common cases, will be using the Right Alignment option

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