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How to add a Facebook feed to a Divi website without a plugin
How to add a Facebook feed to a Divi website without a plugin

Adding a Facebook feed into any Divi website is possible without using any plugins.

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We must first create a Facebook App to display a Facebook feed anywhere on a Divi website.

Once the Facebook App is created, we can get the embedded code from Facebook.

With the Embedded code, we can use the Code Module to display the Facebook Feed anywhere on the website.

Create a Facebook App

  1. Head over to the Facebook Developers Page;

  2. Click the My Apps button (top right corner);

    Facebook Developers Page

  3. Then click on the Green Create App button;

    Facebook Create App Page

  4. Select Other and click Next;

    Facebook App Creation process

  5. Select the Business for the App Type and click Next;

    Facebook App Type: Business

  6. Set the App name - it can be any name you want, App Contact email. The Business Account is optional, and click the Create app button:

    Create Facebook app final step

  7. Open the Basic Settings by going to App Settings > Basic and filling in all the details

    App details

  8. Go to the Facebook Page Plugin located here;

  9. Enter the Facebook Page URL

  10. Set the Width and Height values. We recommend using 500px for width and 700px for height

  11. Click on the Get Code button

    Facebook Page plugin page

  12. Choose the iFrame Tab and select the Facebook app created previously;

    Facebook Integration Code

  13. Copy the iframe code to your clipboard

  14. Back to the WordPress website, edit the page where the Facebook Feed is going to show

  15. Add the Code Module to the page

  16. Paste the Facebook iframe code from step 13.

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