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How to display custom Post Type using the Blog module
How to display custom Post Type using the Blog module

Display custom post type in the Blog module

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The Blog Module can display the following post types:

  • Post

  • Pages

  • Projects

  • Products

  • Any other custom post type

To create a custom post type, we can use the Custom Post Type UI plugin, which also allows us to create custom Taxonomies.

If there are custom post types created inside the Blog module's settings, we now have the option to choose which type we want the module to display.

Create a custom Post Type

  1. Install and activate the Custom Post Type UI plugin;

  2. Head over to WordPress Dashboard > CPT UI > Add/Edit Post Types

    Create a new Post Type

  3. Choose the Post Type Slug, Plural Label and Singular Label;

    Create the Car custom post type

  4. Click on Populate additional labels based on chosen labels

    Set the labels for the custom post type

  5. Click on the Add Post Type button.

  6. A new WordPress dashboard option will be added, which can be used to view all custom post types or add a new custom post type

    Add a one custom post type

  7. Add a few custom posts

  8. Edit the page where the custom posts will be displayed

  9. Add the Blog module

  10. Choose the new Post Type in Content > Post Type

    Set the Blog module to display the Custom Post Type
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