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How to make the Button Module Fullwidth
How to make the Button Module Fullwidth

Setting the Button Module to be as wide as the column into which is placed.

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By default, any Button Module will have a fixed height. The fixed height can be changed by setting custom values for the Padding Left and Right. However, sometimes, we need the Button module to be 100% of the width of the available space.

How to set the Button Module to be full-width:

  1. Open the Button module's modal Settings Window

  2. Go to the Advanced Tab

    button module's Advanced Tab Tab

  3. Scroll down and open the Custom CSS Options Group

  4. For the Main element type in width: 100%;

    Buttons module's Main element CSS area

Bonus Tip: We can set the alignment of the text inside the button using the Button Alignment option in Design Tab > Alignment

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