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Background Masks And Patterns For Divi
Background Masks And Patterns For Divi

Build Stunning New Backgrounds Using Custom Shapes And Textures by combining colors, gradients, images, videos, masks and patterns

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Backgrounds Masks and Background Patterns for Divi are two brand new design settings that allow you to create a vast array of new visual effects by combining colors, gradients, images, videos, masks, and patterns using a simple new interface.

Introducing Background Masks

Background masks use positive and negative space to frame backgrounds and create new shapes. Background masks are placed on top of your background elements and below your content. They work by framing your background colors, gradients, images, and videos; letting only those elements shine through the mask to reveal new shapes. This adds quite a bit of utility to Divi by allowing you to use backgrounds in brand new ways; transforming backgrounds into unique shapes that can interact with the surrounding content. Masks are built using SVGs, so they are super crisp, lightweight, and will automatically conform to the size of your elements.

Choose From 23 Unique Masks

Divi comes with a wide range of wonderful masks to choose from. Masks can be flipped, rotated, and inverted to create different variations. With a few clicks, you can take a rigid design and turn it into something really fun! Background masks can be applied to any element, including modules, columns, rows, and sections.

Flip, Rotate, Invert, Change Orientation, Adjust Size, And More!

Not only can you choose from 21 unique masks, but each mask can also be customized to create different variations. By flipping, rotating, and inverting masks, you can frame your backgrounds in a way that fits the surrounding content. You can also choose from different orientations (portrait, landscape, and square) to better fit each element. Finally, there are width, height, and alignment options for times when you need fine-tuned control.

In addition to adjusting the shape of masks, you can also adjust their color and blend mode. Instead of masking your background completely, you can use blend modes to let your backgrounds and masks mix together to create some interesting new effects.

Introducing Background Patterns

Background Masks can be combined with Background Patterns. Patterns sit on top of your background colors, gradients, and images, and below your masks. Patterns overlay your background elements and can be used to add texture to your page. Using background gradients, patterns, and masks, you can often forgo using background images completely, resulting in faster, higher-resolution backgrounds that can be built from scratch inside of Divi. These two new options really open up a whole new realm of possibilities!

Choose From 24 Unique Patterns

Divi comes with 24 different patterns to choose from. Patterns can also be flipped, rotated, and inverted to create countless additional variations. You can also adjust the color and blend mode of the pattern. Each blend mode will affect your background colors, gradients, and images in different ways.

Combine Images, Gradients, Patterns, And Masks!

Divi now comes with quite an impressive range of background options including colors, gradients, images, videos, masks, and patterns. All of these options can be overlaid on top of each other and combined in different ways to create different types of designs. You can also choose from a handful of different blend modules, adjust colors, change sizes, and more. You are going to have a lot of fun playing with these options and discovering new and creative designs techniques!

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