Divi Shop module doesn’t have Infinite Scroll options by default however this can be achieved with a help of a plugin and with few adjustments.


1, To start with, you can install and activate this plugin:

2, In any page or theme builder template where you want this, use a Shop module.
Use this CSS class for the shop module: my_infinite_shop

3, Adjust the shop module as required and set the “Product Count” to the number of products you want to show in the first load:

4, Enable the Pagination option in the shop module:

5, Save your page/theme builder template then go to the plugin settings and adjust according to this:

  • Navigation Selector: .my_infinite_shop nav.woocommerce-pagination

  • Next Selector: .my_infinite_shop nav.woocommerce-pagination a.next

  • Item Selector: ul.products li.product

  • Content Selector: .my_infinite_shop

Like this:

Save the changes, you should get the infinite scroll for the Shop module :)

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