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Moving Blog module in Child theme
Moving Blog module in Child theme
You'll learn how to move the default Divi Blog Module to your child theme to customize it later
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These changes require a Divi child theme. Please check the following article if you have not set a child theme yet:

1. Next, create a new folder in the child theme folder, for example, includes folder.

2. Now copy the Divi/includes/builder/module/Blog.php file from the parent theme into the child-theme/includes/ folder.

3. Open up the Blog.php file of your child theme and replace this line (at the very top):

require_once 'helpers/Overlay.php';

class ET_Builder_Module_Blog extends ET_Builder_Module_Type_PostBased {


get_template_part( '/includes/builder/module/helpers/Overlay.php' );

class custom_ET_Builder_Module_Blog extends ET_Builder_Module_Type_PostBased {

  • Replace: $this->vb_support = 'on'; with $this->vb_support = 'off';

  • Remove this line from the bottom: new ET_Builder_Module_Blog();

4. Finally, add the following code to the functions.php file in your child theme folder:

#Load custom Blog Module ================================================*/

function divi_custom_blog_module() {
get_template_part( '/includes/Blog' );
$dcfm = new custom_ET_Builder_Module_Blog();
remove_shortcode( 'et_pb_blog' );
add_shortcode( 'et_pb_blog', array( $dcfm, '_shortcode_callback' ) ); }

add_action( 'et_builder_ready', 'divi_custom_blog_module' );

function divi_custom_blog_class( $classlist ) {
// Blog Module 'classname' overwrite.
$classlist['et_pb_blog'] = array( 'classname' => 'custom_ET_Builder_Module_Blog',);
return $classlist;

add_filter( 'et_module_classes', 'divi_custom_blog_class' );

Now you are ready to customize the Blog Module the way you need and keep the changes while updating/reinstalling the parent Divi theme.

You might want to add the following changes to your Blog Module:

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