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Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet
Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet
Updated over a week ago

These type of errors can appear in many cases, basically it's not related to any theme or plugin directly, it's related to server configuration and its limits. 

Here are a few possible ways to fix this error.

Optimize Database

The database can contain a lot of entries which are not used anymore. All actions are written to database when you are working on your website, updating pages, installing plugins, changing settings etc. 

There are plugins can help you optimize the database and delete unused entries, like WP-Optmize. It's pretty easy to use, just install this plugin, open the settings and select what tables you want to optimize, then click "Run Optimization" and the plugin will do the rest.

Note: Create a backup of  the database before you do any optimization.

Increase MySQL Limits

The following limits can be increased in phpMyAdmin:


Using the following command,, you can see what limits are set:

SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'max_allowed_packet'

And increase them using this command:

SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet=524288000;

Here is how you can run these commands:

Note: If you are not familiar with phpMyAdmin and how to work with it, it's better to avoid applying any modifications. You can contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase these limits for you.

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