First of all, you will need a Divi Child theme installed. If you don't know what it is and need get one, please refer to this article.

After you got a child theme, create a new folder called  includes  in your child theme folder and copy the  includes/builder/module/Image.php   file from the parent /Divi/ folder to the includes folder in your child theme you just created. 

After that, rename the Image.php file in the child theme to something else, for example  custom-image.php 

Now add the following changes to the custom-image.php file. Replace this line (at the very beginning): 

class ET_Builder_Module_Image extends ET_Builder_Module {


class Custom_ET_Builder_Module_Image extends ET_Builder_Module {

Next, remove the following code from the very bottom:

// This adds the upload label for Image module
// TODO: Remove when BB is removed.
function _et_bb_module_image_add_src_label( $filed ) {
if ( ! isset( $filed['label'] ) ) {
$filed['label'] = esc_html__( 'Image URL', 'et_builder' );

return $filed;

Now look for this line :

$this->vb_support = 'on';

Replace it with:

$this->vb_support = 'off'; 

Then, after this line:

$parallax_image_background = $this->get_parallax_image_background();


$src_alt = attachment_url_to_postid( $src );
$alt = get_post_meta( $src_alt, '_wp_attachment_image_alt', true );

Save the changes and open the  functions.php   file in your child theme folder. 

Add this code to the file:

function custom_image_setup() {
get_template_part( 'includes/custom-Image' );
$custom_image = new Custom_ET_Builder_Module_Image();
remove_shortcode( 'et_pb_image' );
add_shortcode( 'et_pb_image', array( $custom_image, '_render' ) );
add_action( 'et_builder_ready', 'custom_image_setup' );

function custom_image_setup_class( $classlist ) {
$classlist['et_pb_image']['classname'] = 'Custom_ET_Builder_Module_Image';

return $classlist;
add_filter( 'et_module_classes', 'custom_image_setup_class' );

That's it. Now you can define Alt attribute that you can see in the WordPress media library. Here is a screenshot:

Please note that the Image Module will be customized after the changes and it will be displaying as a gray box under the Divi Builder. On Front End it should still look fine.

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