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Divi Builder Module Visibility Option
Divi Builder Module Visibility Option
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Divi Builder offers the option to hide your chosen modules on specific devices. These devices and their respective sizes (viewport width) are as follows:

Desktop: 981px or bigger
Tablet: 980px and not smaller than 767px
Phone: 767px or less

Note: Modules that are hidden on a device will display at 50% opacity in the Visual Builder.

The Disable on option can be accessed in two ways.

Right-click Controls

Right-click on the module and then choose the Disable item in the drop-down list. You can toggle the devices icons to enable/disable the module visibility.

Module Settings

Open the module settings modal and go to the Advanced > Visibility. You can toggle the device checkbox to enable/disable the visibility.

Note: The option is available on all sections, rows and content modules, except for columns.

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