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Premade Layout Packs Won't Load
Premade Layout Packs Won't Load

Premade layouts could be larger than your PHP upload maximum size limit on your website.

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Note: This troubleshooting guide may require that you make server-side changes to your website. If you are not comfortable making those changes, you will need to contact your hosting provider for assistance.

Try clearing your Cache
Browser Cache (Tutorials on clearing your browser cache)
Plugin Cache
CDN Cache
Server-side Cache

Try using another Web Browser
Browser extensions can oftentimes cause problems when loading layout packs. If you are using Google Chrome try loading the Layouts in a Incognito Window which will run without any extensions.  

PHP upload maximum size limit reached
Premade layouts may be larger than your default PHP upload limit and will fail to load until that limit is increased on your server. We have a video tutorial on increasing your upload limit below. 

You can also find a great guide on increasing your upload limit from our Blog here. 

Consider switching to Divi Hosting

We partnered with our favorite WordPress hosts to create the best hosting solution for Divi. On Divi Hosting, PHP upload limits and maximum PHP execution times are already sufficient, so you don't need to worry about layouts not loading. Plus Divi Hosting comes with Divi pre-installed and activated automatically 😄

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