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How To Download And Install Your Divi Builder Plugin
How To Download And Install Your Divi Builder Plugin

Installing our plugins is a snap using the WordPress Dashboard plugin installer.

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The Divi Builder Plugin is a great way to take the power of the Divi Builder and add it to any other WordPress theme. 

Note: You do not need to have the Divi Builder Plugin installed if you are already using the Divi theme. The Divi Builder is built into the Divi theme and the plugin is not needed. 

Download Your Plugin

In this tutorial, we will be installing your plugin using the Upload feature in your WordPress Dashboard. Before you can upload your plugin, you first need to download it from the members area. Login to your account, and then look for the “Divi Builder Plugin” in the Product Downloads tab. Scroll down and click the “Download The Divi Plugin” button to get the zipped plugin folder.

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