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How To Update Your Monarch WordPress Plugin
How To Update Your Monarch WordPress Plugin

Our plugins support automatic updates using your API key and Username.

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Note: If you are having problems updating and are receiving an error message, then take a look at our Update Troubleshooting Guide.

Before you can update, you must first authenticate your Elegant Themes subscription by inputting your Username and API Key into the Updates tab of your theme or plugin settings. Only members with active Elegant Themes accounts have access to the latest versions of our products. Your Username is the username you use when logging in to, and your API Key can be found by logging into your Elegant Themes account and clicking on the Account > Your API Key link. Once you have authenticated your account, you can click the update link when you receive an update notification to automatically update your theme or plugin

Once you have your Username and API Key you can then navigate to Tools > Monarch Settings > Enable Updates Tab. 

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